Friday, December 5, 2008

How one decision can change many lives!

What a heartbreaking weekedn. My ex-BIL who I still love and care about was involved in a very serious car accident. He was ? drunk-driving (numbers are not back yet for blood alcohol level), he was with his girlfriend. Long story short she ended up dying and this just makes me so sick because she has 3 children and now these kids are going to be without their mother. I feel so awful for everyone involved. I think I have prayed more this past weekend for her family and his family than I have ever prayed in my life.

I have honestly never known BIL to drink and drive so I just don't understand this... Only time will tell.

Please pray for his family and hers. They are all going through alot right now.

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Amber said...

Oh my godness that is so sad. I will be praying that he recovers, those poor kids. Well I will be praying for them